Emerald Family Farms

Emerald Family Farms consists of a broad range of master growers, breeders, healers and farmers from The Emerald Triangle. EFF requires that all of their partners uphold high standards in all that they do. Each farm in the collective is small batch and private reserve because they strive for quality above all else. They live and work in this magical place called The Emerald Triangle and demand a great respect for the land in their care. Each farm is required to be water independent, follow organic standards, use best management practices and must give back to the land and their community.

In Emerald Family Farm’s communities they expect their members to not only lead the environmental revolution in cannabis, but to help lead the community as the vale of prohibition is lifted. The Emerald Triangle possesses the Amazon of genetics, coupled with their diverse group of master breeders, they constantly push the boundaries of cultivation and bring the best possible medicine to patients.

The goal is to give members a platform for success by providing logistical support in the formation of their corporate entities as well as ensuring compliance with state and local environmental regulation. Emerald Family Farms also supports their partners by providing guidance regarding trademark and copyright laws as it pertains to marketing their individual brands.

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Emerald Family Farms