Simply Naked THC

Naked THC supplies a line of pure cannabis products that exhibit a mastery of quality marijuana from soil to oil. With moonrocks and cones comprised of nug run flowers and distillate oil (both for dabbing and in premium vape cartridges), Naked THC has all you need to experience the power of raw cannabinoids and terpenes.

Innovation is part of the DNA of Naked THC, and their values embrace freedom of expression and the flow of unique ideas. Naked THC’s mission is to connect the global cannabis community to high-quality cannabis concentrates and flowers.


Naked THC was founded in 2015 by a group of cannabis experts ready to change the game. The team’s innovation and development allowed them to introduce clear cannabis concentrates with a style uniquely their own.

The founding team made it their mission to maintain a free-flow of expression and ideas to remain on the cutting edge of cannabis cultivation and extraction. Quality has always been valued over yield, and Naked THC carries that same value today. Every product created by Naked THC exhibits the excellence of a dedicated and passionate team.


Dabs and drags, good to the last drop.

Naked Flowers

Blast off into space with a toke of Naked THC’s Moonrocks. These nugs are comprised of premium buds dipped in Naked THC’s pure honey oil then rolled in kief, providing heady flavor and effects with every drag. Which weed-asteroid will come crashing into your endocannabinoid system? Naked THC offers Moonrocks in OG, Grape, Strawberry, and more.

Spark up and take flight with a Naked THC preroll. Naked THC Cones are far from the standard preroll — they include freshly cured flowers rolled into a RAW paper complete with a crutch. Once they’re tightly packed to perfection, these Cones are dipped in kief.

Naked Extracts

Once you try Naked THC distillate, you’ll hardly be able to keep your tool out of their Honey Pot. Naked THC distillate provides the bare essence of the strain, and each dab exudes powerful effects with a flavor that mirrors the original cultivar. Honey Pot comes in many incredible strains like Blue Diamond, Gelato, and Premium Jack to name a few.

Naked THC Cartridges provide the premium distillate experience on-the-go. Puff on the best oil derived from excellent varieties like Tahoe, Larry OG, or SVF OG. Bump up the level of litness with Naked THC’s Molly Rancher, a cannabis-infused hard candy that comes in Cherry, Watermelon, Green Apple, and Blue Raspberry flavors.

Product Types

Concentrates, Flowers, Vape


Simply Naked THC